So, since I have little else to mention in the news, I might as well do what every other webcomicer does and mention my convention schedule.

I’m going to the Salt Lake Comic Con!

…as an attendee. Maybe next year I’ll actually buy space at a booth or a table or something, but right now I’m just going to check it out. If you happen to cross paths with me there, I’m probably willing to shake hands or something. We’ll see.

This is actually the first convention I’ll have gone to since… Wow, since Voyager was on the air. I’m kinda excited. This convention used to be called “Geex” (Gaming and Electronics EXpo) and focused on gaming. I had been wanting to go to it, but last year I didn’t have the money and the year before I didn’t find out about it until it was over. And now they are renaming it to be Comic Con, and bringing in more guests and stuff. Oh well, I guess that’s life.


I’ve printed some business cards for my comic that I can hand out to people. I put images from my comic on the backs, and there are eight different designs. I guess that makes them like trading cards! Collect all eight!* Also, two of the images have a special sneak preview of something that’s coming in a couple short weeks. So if you see me, ask for one of those cards specifically! I’ll likely either be dressed just as you see me in the comic, or in my famous cheap wookie costume.

*I only printed 24 cards, so only one per customer.