So, I thought I’d either be ready to start Chapter Two after that six-part “Author’s History” bit, or at the very least I’d know when I’d be able to start it so I could post a “Comic will resume on (date)” page.

And as it turns out, I don’t have Chapter Two ready to start just yet. So that means I’m going to post a page saying that the comic will start again on such-and-such date, right?

Actually, you guys deserve better than that. I mean, clearly you have most excellent taste in comics, so obviously you deserve better than that. I’m also feeling inspired by Schlock Mercenary to make the commitment to never miss an update. Except for that one I already missed, but that’s it.

So while I labor away at getting the second chapter finalized, I’m going to post a generic/filler strip each week so that there will always be something, even if not the formal start of the next adventure. It may not be a page with the main cast, it may not be cannon, it might be composed of rough sketches or it might depend on a lot of repeated frames. But I am making it my goal to have suitable entertainment each week.

Also, I’m gonna try something out here. I’m gonna post some progress bars and update them each day. This might help me keep myself on track or at least show my commitment; we’ll see.

Final Edit: The status bar and updates thing didn’t work out to well. Mostly, the milestones I set weren’t as quickly attained as I had thought. I’m leaving this showing the stats as they were when I started the chapter.


[wppb progress=37/38 text=”Ante-Chapter [37/38]”]

[wppb progress=42/42 option=”green” text=”Completed Scripts [42/42]”]

[wppb progress=2/16 option=”animated-candystripe blue” text=”Sets [2/16]”]

Text-Blocking: nine pages

Blocking: two pages

Completed Pages: One page