So the Salt Lake Comic Con was great! It actually broke records and is the most attended inaugural event (ie, first annual) of any such convention, and the fourth largest comic convention in North America within the last two years. The fire marshall and the Salt Palace both estimate that 70,000 to 80,000 people were there just on Saturday, so next year it could easily rival the San Diego Comic Con. I went to a lot of panels that gave great advice for things I should do with my writing and my artwork. I got to bump heads with some webcomic greats like Aneeka Richins and Howard Taylor. I didn’t get to see William Shatner, but oh well, I went to Kevin Murphy‘s panel instead. I’m quite likely to have a booth/table next year, so I hope you’ll come.

For two of the three days I had -by my best count- 108 pictures taken of me in my costume. I’m scouring the internet to find some of those picture, but I haven’t found much yet. But you can see a picture of me in the newspaper! Check out page 5A in the Standard Examiner for September 7th! I’ve got a copy of it below.

So, on to more comic-related news.

I also want to inform you that this last week I bought a new computer. The REAL reason the last page wasn’t colored was basically a combination of the time I spent shopping for, assembling, and installing software onto my new computer, PLUS my work schedule being moved around so I could go to Comic Con. And now this week, with transitioning to my new computer, and Comic Con itself, and putting the final touches on my anniversary content, I don’t anticipate the next post to be fully colored either. However I do intend to get everything finished, updated, and back on schedule by the 18th, but I just can’t say for certain if I can get everything back on track sooner.