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I love webcomics, and I read quite a few of them.  I thought I would share with you the best ones I’ve seen out there, but it is pretty hard to decide just where to cut that list off.  So, I figure I may just as well share all of the comics I read.  But that’s a lot to list, so I’m just going to add to this list as I go along, maybe a new link each week until they are all up. (Most recent addition: Nukees on 11/19/14 and Miamaska on 6/11/14)

I’m also going to list the comics with my personal recommendation so I can set apart the ones that are really awesome from the ones that are just… well, at least worth reading.

Also, I created a video about my favorite webcomics earlier this year.  It’s worth taking a look.

Comics are listed in order of:
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  • The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

    Chris Hastings

    Incredibly funny, engrossing storylines, amazingly well-drawn…  This comic has it all.

    Even dinosaurs in jetpacks.

    3x per Week

  • Slightly Damned


    A story about a girl who died and was sent (almost) to Hell.

    This is a fantasy story that I just love to death (no pun intended.)  If you start reading and don’t enjoy it that much, at least read the first 100 strips, because things make a turn by then…


    Focus is primarily on story with some humor now and again.  Fantasy setting.

    2x Week

  • Van Von Hunter

    Pseudome’ Studios

    Until Dr. McNinja came along this was the funniest comic I ever found. Unfortunately they stopped updating a while back. Still, you should read through the archives for a great laugh.


    Focus is humor.  Fantasy setting.  Very well drawn.


  • Sluggy Freelance

    Pete Abrams

    This one is THE webcomic, the webcomic that defined what it means to be a webcomic, the webcomic that inspired us all…

    It’s been running every day since 1997, so there’s a lot to catch up on, but it is totally worth it.


    It starts off with a focus on being funny and then matures into longer well-written storylines.  Its setting is modern but vacations in science fiction.

    Monday through Friday

  • Gastrophobia

    David McGuire

    Travel back in time to ancient Greece, and there meet an Amazonian woman named Phobia and her son Gastro. Together they go on the adventures of their everyday lives. (Which were quite the adventure.)

    I have a particular fondness toward ancient Greek mythology, and this comic gets mad props for its historical accuracy and attention to detail. But regardless of the setting this comic does an amazing job; beneath its facade of whimsy there is an incredibly well-thought out comic that never misses an ounce of anything it has set in motion.


    The focus is on humor. The setting is mythological.


  • The Wotch

    Anne Onymous & Robin Ericson
    / Ian Samson

    This comic follows the adventures of a group of friends as they go through all sorts of crazy adventures while dealing with (and trying to hide) the phenomenal powers given to a young girl.

    The stories seem inane and silly at first, but they really have grown to intrigue me; whether for subtle nuances or bold planning, echoing the norm or straying from it intently.


    The setting is a modern real-world, often at a high-school, with frequent visits to a number of mystical elements. The focus is on humor with a growing attention to dramatic story.


  • Loading Artist

    Gregor Czaykowski

    An absolutely hilarious comic to follows a stick figure named Blue through various life experiences and dealing with people.

    I’m not certain on this, but I think the main character is sort-of based off of the comic creator, as he is an artist.


    Focus is humor. The artwork looks simple but is actually very nice.


  • Concerned:
    The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman

    Christopher C. Livingston

    This comic is based on Half-Life 2, but instead of following Gordon Freeman as he tries to liberate the people of City 17, it follows a bumbling fool named Gordon Frohman as he stumbles his was through the city a couple weeks before Freeman arrives.

    The comic is hilarious with all kinds of humorous insight to the events behind the game, brilliantly written to make sure you don’t have a moment to stop laughing.


    If you have not played Half-Life 2, go play it. It’s one of the greatest First-Person-Shooters of all time. Then go read this comic. They are both just that good.

    Formally Finished

  • Cwen’s Quest

    Nick Stroffolino & Sarah Nelson

    A hilarious comic with it’s own take on… well a lot of things.

    Perhaps what really sets it as being head-and-shoulders above other comics is not just the humor but the writing. The story, world, and characters repeatedly show themselves to have rich details that have been planned out years in advance, and I have often had to go back and re-read older comic with new understanding.


    It is set in an atypical fantasy world and even at the best moments of its story still delivers humor. Or occasionally action.


  • The Unfeasible Adventures of
    Beaver and Steve

    James Turner

    Beaver and Steve go on adventures… truly odd an unfeasible adventures. Everything that happens is silly if not outrageous. Anything can happen.


    The focus is on humor. Crazy, silly, out-of-nowhere humor.

    Indefinite Hiatus

  • Two Guys and Guy

    Rickard Jonasson

    You know, they really ought to just call this comic “Frank and those other guys” but I guess “Two Guys and Guy” works well enough.

    This comic follow the exploits of Wayne, Frank, and a girl named Guy in all kinds of crazy an unexpected adventures. Each strip is completely independent of the others, containing just one crazy situation with no explanation as to how they got there.


    The focus is on humor. Setting is modern. Gag-a-day.

    3x Week

  • Modest Medusa

    Jake Richmond

    There are some comics that get really popular right out of the gate. This is one such comic, and it is no surprise why. You will want to tell all your friends about this comic.

    The comic follows Jake Richmond (the comic’s author) after a young medusa shows up at his house. As he tries to take care of this medusa, hijinks ensue. Then calamity.


    The focus is on humor and it has a story which is developing at a modest pace.

    2x Week

    Not a Villain

    Aneeka Ritchins

    Previous to the events of this comic, the main character was a renowned villain, causing unspecified trouble. The comic follows her as she picks up a new identity and tries to carve her way through L.i.F.e. without being one of the bad guys.

    This comic is rather expertly written, and rose quickly to popularity for delivering an intriguing story, well-developed characters, and plot and conflicts that leave the readers entranced.


    The focus is on story; setting is in an online world in the future.

    2x Week

  • Awkward Zombie

    Katie Tiedrich

    There’s actually a lot of video gaming webcomics I’ve seen, but very few of them offer any kind of lasting quality.  Awkward Zombie easily breaks past such barriers to deliver one of the best video game comics that is actually about video games.

    Initially the comic follows the idea of all the Smash Bros characters living and fighting under one roof, but be prepared for plenty of Pokemon, World of Warcraft, Metal Gear, and anything else that’s worth playing.


    The focus is rightly on humor, but will now-and-then follow a short storyline.


  • Curtailed

    Mandy Seley

    This comic is seriously just real life, actual incidents, the way things really are. (And occasionally some artistic license is given to exaggerate the truth.) This comic turns out to be amazingly hilarious.

    If you’re apprehensive about this being a “furry” comic, don’t worry. It’s just a regular comic drawn with animals.


    The focus is humor, setting is the real world. As animals. Fantastic artwork.


  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

    Kelly Turnbull

    She might as well call this comic “So much win” since that adequately describes it. But then again, there is also so much win in its existing title.

    The comic is about Commander Badass, A Navy SEAL from the spacefuture, who runs a temp agency for all the overly macho characters from our favorite video games and other media.


    The focus is on humor. Look it’s just freaking awesome, so read it, okay?


  • Miamaska


    I’d easily put this in my top five favorite story-based webcomics. It is well-written, the pace it good, the events are clear and the pages read well, and there is a healthy amount of little touches that distinguish the comic.

    The story follows a girl who winds up in another world, and in this other world it is fairly common for people from other worlds to show up out of nowhere. And these otherworlders are perceived by many to be a danger and a threat to the world.


    The focus is on Story. The setting is alternative.


  • Gone with the Blastwave

    Kimmo Limetti

    I just don’t think I can find a man who wouldn’t really enjoy this comic.

    It’s set in a post apocalyptic world where military factions are fighting without a cause.  But don’t let that fool you, this comic is about being funny, and if you have any appreciation for satire, cynicism, and sadism, you’re going to find yourself laughing.


    The setting suggests that the comic takes place in a video game world (the armies are distinguished only by colors) but is actually completely original.  The artwork is stunningly painted.

    Unfortunately this only updates “sometimes,” which means very rarely.

    Blue Moons

  • Dawn of Time

    Michael Stearns

    This is the most historically-accurate story about the time when humans and dinosaurs lived together that you will ever see.

    This comic follows a prehistoric woman named Dawn, along with her triceratops companion named Blue, as she struggles to make her way through life in a savage and primitive world.


    The focus is on humor, with a small amount of building story. Also, this comic has more charm than you can shake a stick at.

    Formally Finished

  • Wonder Momo

    Erik Ko & Jim Zub / Omar Dogan & Jeffery ‘Chamba’ Cruz

    Based on a video game that never made it out of Japan, Wonder Momo follows the adventures of a girl who was unwittingly given a powersuit to help her fight an alien invasion.

    The story is fast-paced but full of detail, and the humor hits it so far out of the park you’d think whoever’s at the bat must be wearing a powersuit too.


    The focus is on humor with some action too. The artwork is some of the best I’ve ever seen.

    Formally Finished

  • Bruno the Bandit

    Ian McDonald

    This was the second webcomic I was ever introduced to.  (First was Sluggy.)  It’s also one of the few comics to deliver humor so consistently across so many years.


    The focus is on humor.  It is set in a fantasy world but with modern conveniences such as television.  He likes to throw in satire of our own world and events.


  • Atomic Laundromat

    Armando Valenzuela

    This comic follows the adventures of man who runs a laundromat that caters to superheroes. This gives the comic a more casual and laid-back perspective toward the superhero genre.

    Joining our “hero” is a cast that includes a child-like robot, a frighteningly good lawyer, a super-powered duck, aliens that have no idea how out-of-place they are, and of course, the Evil Chef.


    The focus is on humor and it hits that humor very very well. I must say that I love the artwork too.

    3x Week

  • Nukees

    Barren Bleuel

    This comic follows the unbeleivable adventures of a nuclear engineer. It’s kinda-sorta-maybe-loosely-once-upon-a-time based on the comic’s author.

    This comic is intelligent and observant. And funny. It has pages that make me laugh out loud and pages that succintly convey wisdom on a number of subjects.


    The focus is on humor. Has some storylines of varying lengths.

    3x Week

  • Real Life Comics

    Greg Dean

    This comic follows the life of it’s Author, Greg Dean, humorously depicting or exaggerating the affairs of his real life.

    …And occasional some extra-wacky adventures involving things like time travel and world domination.


    The focus is on humor and sometimes the comic is a bit hit or miss, but when it hits it hits right on because it’s something we all know and can relate to.  Or at least I can relate to it.  Seriously, this guy makes a lot of parallels to my own life, from visiting the exact same renaissance fair that I did, to exhibiting the same quirk about matching socks.


  • Blitz Pheonix

    Oliver Knörzer and Powree

    A teenager who has been moving his whole life one day meets a woman who says she is his mother. Soon he finds himself at some hidden research facility and, well, you wouldn’t want me to spoil everything would you?

    The story in this comic is still developing (as of when I write this) so I’m not completely certain in which direction it will go. It feels like it’s building to something bigger than it is, but at a reasonable pace. I guess the point I’m making is that the story has my attention.


    The focus is on story, and the setting is a “twenty minutes into the future” one.

    2x Week

  • The End

    Ran & Cory Brown

    Aliens land on Earth looking to collect samples of humans for an (intially) unkown purpose. The place they land to begin their labors happens to be a comic convention. While that is the perfect set-up for an absolutely hilarious series of misunderstandings, that’s not where this comic goes.

    Instead, the comic introduces us to our characters, one by one demonstrating just what sort of people they are, and then thrusts them all into an adventure beyond our sphere.


    The focus is on story. Setting is modern and extra-terrestrial.

    2x Week

  • Gaia

    Oliver Knörzer and Powree

    There are a lot of ways that a fantasy setting can be changed to make it more original. Gaia makes itself original while still holding to many aspects of our real world and history, which makes the setting seem more natural, familiar, and founded.

    The story starts comparatively slow as it introduces characters, settings, and so forth, but remains faithfully entertaining the whole way, and then engages you in a truly magnificent plot that other stories should aspire toward.


    The focus is on story, and the setting is a fantasy world that closer resembles a victorian era than a medieval one.

    2x Week

  • I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle

    CD Rudd

    This comic follows the adventures of Jean, who gets turned into a magical genie, and Jean’s friend Neil, who becomes Jean’s master. If the names sound familiar, it’s because the comic makes no efforts to hide the fact that it is inspired by the 60’s TV show “I Dream of Jeannie,” and it runs with that.

    I’ll admit that it doesn’t make me laugh out loud as often as other comics, but dang does it ever have charm. Lots and lots of charm.


    The focus is on humor; the setting is modern with some magical additions.


  • Romantically Apocalyptic

    Vitaly S Alexius

    Following a cast which includes “Sniper” “Engineer” “Pilot” and of course, Zee Captain, this comic takes place after a nuclear apocalypse.

    So it’s a dramatic and depressing comic, right? Wrong. This is one of the silliest, craziest, and nonsensical comics you will ever see. Glimpses into his mind show you how insane Zee Captain truly is. But perhaps it’s not him at all, but… Charles Snippy?


    The focus is on humor although the later pages want to tell a story that messes with your mind. The artwork is a stunning and seamless combination of photography and quality paintings.


  • Dresdon Codak

    Aaron Diaz

    One of the most interesting comics in existence, this ranges from experimenting with art to experimenting with thought to experimenting with story-telling. I say “experimenting” just because it seems so different from what we are accustomed to, but yet it is done so well that this guy clearly knows what’s going on.

    Apart from some repeating characters, each story arc (most of which are just one page) feels like a completely independant story in its own world (and even its own art style.)

    The only drawback to this comic is how this guy is infamous for his incredibly slow update schedule.


    Focus is on story, humor, and provoking thought.

    Irregular; Monthly

  • Inscribing Ardi

    A. Story

    I don’t often rate story-driven comics as highly as humorous ones, just because that’s what I value. But there are some stories that capture my attention regardless.

    The characters are very interesting with a proper blend of personality, motive, and conflict. The world is interesting an unique. These things have captured my attention and left me with an honest interest in reading more.


    Focus is on story; setting is a very original fantasy world.

    Indefinate Hiatus

  • The Book of Biff

    Chris Hallbeck

    Simple, single-panel, gag-a-day comic.

    The comic is ripe with goofy, over-the-top, exaggerations of things we understand in our own lives. And rocketships.


    The focus is on humor.

    Monday through Friday

  • Uh-oh, It’s a Dinosaur

    Andrew Bilitz

    I don’t know how to describe this comic properly within such a small space. It has an abstract and often exaggerated art style that so effectively conveys emotion, giving us such a potent glimpse into the eyes of a character who is eagerly discovering the world, as well as seeing through the eyes of our other somewhat agoraphobic, OCD, and socially inept character.

    Oh yeah, and it’s funny.


    The focus is on humor, and helping us to see the world a little differently is just a perk.

    3x Week

  • Catbeard the Pirate

    Matt Nelson

    It’s about a pirate who has a cat for a beard! If that alone doesn’t make you laugh out loud, there is something dreadfully wrong with you.


    The focus is on humor with a healthy dose of story.

    2x Week

  • The Abominable Charles Christopher

    Karl Kerschl

    An expertly drawn comic about animals that live in the forest, but following the same elements from their lives that we face, from dating and marriage to establishing our place in this world.

    The comic follows the stories of a number of different recognizable animal characters as it jumps between them and the main character: The Abominable Charles Christopher, a yeti-like (and often child-like) creature of unknown origin.


    The focus is on humor with some occasional dramatic relief.


  • Earthsong

    Crystal Yates

    It would take a while to properly explain the premise of this comic, and the comic does a better job of explaining it anyway, so you ought to just read it yourself.

    It involves creatures from different worlds -who inspired our ideas of fantasy creatures- who are all living on a distant planet, caught in an eternal struggle.


    The focus is on story, setting is fantasy.


  • The GaMERCaT

    Samantha Whitten

    It’s about a cat who plays video games. It’s not about regular gamers who are depicted as cats, but an actual cat who plays video games. And the Annoying Fairy who follows him.

    It has a cute artistic style and a very welcome sense of humor; much better than those comics that think they are funny just because they made disgusting sex jokes about child-friendly games.


    The focus is on humor and love of video games.


  • Academicon Ex Virtus

    Kai Lynk

    This comic follows a werewolf who attends a secret high school of mystical/magical/fantasy people. Mostly he gets the raw deal from condescending peers.

    The comic has taken some lengthy breaks, so the artwork and such grow up pretty fast in a short amount of archives.


    The focus is on story with some occasional lighter moments. Setting is modern-mystical.

    Irregular, in spurts

  • Masked Manor

    Ruben Moreno

    This comic follows a crew of classic monster-movie creatures. But not “the” crew of monster-movie creatures, more like the B-list imitation… maybe C-list.

    Well the point is that we’re following a vampire, a witch, a re-animated corpse, a mummy, a werewolf and more as they embark on a struggling course to reclaim Brandenblood Manor. The fact that they are not quite the A-Team only adds to the charm.


    The focus is on humor with increasing storyline, setting is modern/Classical Horror.

    Formally Finished

  • Out At Home

    Alex Wendzel

    This comic follows the family of a wealthy former baseball star as they go through some of the better examples of “comic hijinks.”

    The characters repeatedly go through sizable story-arcs that take them on adventures that are just a touch beyond Saturday morning cartoons. Kind of like, Saturday morning cartoons grew up, but not in a “mature audiences only” sort-of-way.


    The focus is on humor. Setting is modern with lots of wacky.

    Formally Finished

  • Ears for Elves


    Most comics that are set in fantasy world put a lot of focus on things like action, unique takes on sorcery, or “epic” stories where the world hangs in the balance.

    As an invited change, this comic focuses more on the characters, their lives and struggles as they grow and develop. Rather than another LOTR re-hash or a re-telling of someone’s D&D campaign, we get emotion that is more relatable than what other stories tell.


    The focus is on story with occasional amusing humor, set in a fantasy world.

    Indefinate Hiatus

  • Hero in Training

    Stefan Barton-Ross

    The story in this comic really got my attention, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why. It’s not about any subject matter that particularly grabs my interest, the character development starts off somewhat slow, and I can find a reasonable portion of faults in the story.

    But yet without a focus on humor, this comic continued to pique my interest and build a fantastic story. I don’t know why, I guess it’s just good.


    The focus is on story, set in our modern world with a few extradimensional encounters. The artwork starts out being some of the worst I have ever seen but grows to be more than above average.

    Indefinate Hiatus

  • The Bully’s Bully

    Courtney Huddleston & James Taylor

    This is a comic targeted at children; it’s child-friendly and even wordless, so you don’t need to know how to read. It retains a premise of being about a girl who stands up for those who are being bullied.

    But even after saying all of that, I still find this comic entertaining, even as an adult.


    The focus is on story, setting is modern. The artwork is fantastic.

    2x Week

  • Exiern

    Multiple writers and Artists

    This comic was originally geared toward selling uncensored versions of the comic, yet ironically with the nudity censored this comic featured almost no offensive or degrading content.

    This comic follows the adventures of a barbarian warrior who was magically turned into a woman. The first five years of adventures were very funny and entertaining, and then the original creator decided to stop, but gave the comic to someone else rather than shut it down. I don’t find the new writer nearly as entertaining, but it’s still good enough to keep reading.


    The focus was originally of humor and story, and now mostly story. The setting is fantasy.

    2x Week

  • Fuzzy Five

    Charles D. and Melissa Zayas

    It was created entirely as a promotional work for Squishable, but I still found it entertaining and funny from time to time.

    It follows the adventures of a collection of stuffed toys who have been magically made alive by secret government projects. It gets intentionally zany.


    The focus is on humor with a little story involved. Setting is modern.

    Indefinate Hiatus