If you are not familiar with Inuyasha, don’t worry, it’s not important to the story.


Ah, the outskirts of Northbrook, at a park where people can go camping in the hills that show the area’s natural beauty.  They aren’t always so yellow, though.  They just dry out during the summer.

And here we meet some of our primary characters.  I could have just had them repeatedly refer to each other by name to help you know who is who, OR I could just flipping outright write their names where we can all see.  Honestly I don’t see why more stories don’t do it this way.  In Metal Gear Solid, any important character has his name appear on the screen when he is introduced.  Why don’t we do that in more movies and television shows?  It’s flipping brilliant.

I would have also displayed a small bio about each character, but the interesting details of many of these characters will be best revealed through the course of events.
Except maybe for Cherise.  Cherise is a drama-club girl.  I don’t really have an interesting way to reveal that in the story, so I’ll just say it.