A friend of mine who reviews movies online tore into Lady in the Water because he felt the whole movie was just the director whining because people didn’t like his last film. I felt he was completely off the mark, and I prepared a lengthy counterpoint to show how he had misinterpreted everything. I never actually posted that response, but partway through writing it I stumbled upon an even greater realization:

So what if it was?

Expressing yourself creatively is a good thing, rather than moping about it, or yelling at people, or really just about any way of venting anger that I have ever heard of.

You know, Hitler took a bunch of art classes, and he was actually really good with cartoon illustration, but he never felt like that was “real” art and went on to express his anger through… other means.

With history like that in mind, I just can’t see it as a good thing to belittle someone for expressing their anger in an artistic form.

Also, here’s an update to how Chapter 2 is moving along. I’ve got the script finalized. I’ll admit there are a couple insignificant characters without names, and there is one page near the end that has some largely background dialogue that is not yet written, but really I have everything important written out.

There are some interesting things to note about the writing process and the scripts I have produced. See, the first chapter has 30 pages, and this chapter has significantly more, with a final tally of 42 pages. Furthermore, I’ve got another seven viable scripts I could add in there if I want to, plus an extra three I could make by splitting existing pages, and another handful of incomplete scripts I may throw in as they will help tie into chapter three. When all is said and done, chapter two could be nearly twice the size of chapter one.

The interesting is how I feel a desire to reduce the number of pages, since this chapter is turning out to be “so long.” But how long is it really? The fact that my first chapter was only 30 pages is arbitrary. I could just as well claim that the first chapter was short, not that the second chapter is long.

I guess if there is any final point I want to make about this, it is simply that I reserve the right to add to the length of chapter as the I go along. Flexibility is one of the most important qualities in any plan.

And since you all have been so very well-behaved and patient, here’s a teaser image for chapter 2 as a token that I’m actually doing work.