Seriously, people on the internet… What do you think you will accomplish?

And if anyone is curious about my response to the new consoles that have just been announced, I like what Sony is doing a lot better than Microsoft, but at the same time, Sony doesn’t have Titanfall.

Actually the console I’m really looking forward to is Ouya.

So, I had a different filler ready to go, but this one came to mind after listening to a bunch of fanboys at work. When I got home I slapped it together real quick because I felt this was a bit topical, so the timing is important to have for this week.

But despite working fast, as I finish this blurb the comic goes live in twelve minutes. Wait now it’s eleven.

It feels really odd to me to be censoring the word f–uh, the three-letter F word.

When I was growing up, there were just certain words that were considered bad words. We all knew what they were, D, A, B, S, F, and if it was children’s television then Hell was a bad word too. (I don’t know how we learn that, but we knew which words they were.) And then when I grew up, suddenly there were these new bad words. Honestly those words were just silly. No one said them pointlessly, they weren’t arbitrarily added into R-rated movies, people didn’t say them when they were angry… they just didn’t match the theme of the other words. And if nobody ever abused those words, how were they bad? How were they offensive? Don’t you people understand what made certain words to be bad words?

The only new offensive word that made any sense to be offensive was the N word. I guess you could add a number of other racial slurs into the mix as well, but I’ve heard them so very seldomly I don’t know how you could know they were actually grade-A offensive and not just a slang term. Honestly most slurs come down to how you say it more than anything else. You could call me a cracker and I’d think it was funny, but with the right inflection I’d take offense.

And so the three-lettered-F-word falls into the same category to me. It never sounded offensive, I never heard someone take offense to it, but I’m basically just told that it’s offensive. Um, okay, if you say so, even if I don’t see why. Granted, it is used as an insult, but it is also used to describe a group of people where there is literally no term or description that is NOT used as an insult by someone. (I’m sorry, but that’s absolutely true, and you know it.) But in order for any such term to be meant as derogatory -as opposed to slang or ribbing- it requires a properly course inflection. So I really don’t quite see what makes this one term universally offensive, when at best it’s an insult to the person who utters it.

But I’m told it is, so I’ve censored it.