For Halloween, everyone here dressed up as characters from the comic College Munchies. (Mature language warning)

There’s a nice ring of webcomics who have dressed up for Halloween. You may find that Area 42 has dressed as characters from this comic.)

So as has been mentioned in a few other people’s comic, I am the one who organized this whole Halloween Event. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who participated, making this event possible! I also want to thank all the comics who couldn’t participate but at least responded to my invitation.

And here’s a handy cheat-sheet of all the comics that participated:

Mischief in Maytia dressed as College Munchies dressed as Smaller Totems dressed as Blitz Pheonix dressed as Princess Chroma dressed as Vatican Assassins dressed as M9 Girls dressed as Doodling Around dressed as Modest Medusa dressed as October 20 (This page may give you an adult content warning, but the site is safe) dressed as Rasputin Barxotka dressed as Area 42 dressed as Mischief in Maytia.