So this didn’t actually happen, but it went through my mind EVERY time I saw any promotional material for the Comic Con. Every time I was on their site, every time I was on facebook, and even when I was at the con itself and saw the big banner sitting behind Mr. Jones himself. Every time I saw that banner, I thought it was a picture of Wayne Brady, and some part of me got a little excited at the prospect of meeting him. And then I remembered that it wasn’t Wayne Brady, and I got a little more disappointed every time.

I’m just a wee bit too old to care about the Power Rangers. When they came out, I was right at the age where you openly mock children’s shows like that, and only secretly enjoy watching them. We had to make it known that when we went to see the movie, it was only so we could make fun of it. So, I wasn’t really at the right age to ever become a life-long fan of that show.

And it wasn’t completely unlikely that Brady would be there; he was performing in Utah literally a month before the convention.

So personally, really dislike it when webcomics use a cut-and-paste of a celebrity photo when they represent a celebrity. Even when the professionals do it, I just think it looks tacky and absurd. (And with the black and white comics you can’t even really tell who its a picture of.) So even if I draw a really crappy rendition of the celebrity’s face, and even if it is hard to discern just what celebrity it’s supposed to be, I would much rather try to draw the person, as I have done here, and as I will do for the rest of the week.