Do you ever imagine what it might be like to try to explain or show off modern technology to someone from a fantasy-world or the medieval ages? Because I sure do. When it comes to our violent video games, I can only imagine them either being thoroughly disgusted that we would call this entertainment, or thoroughly underwhelmed that we call this violence.

I REALLY like how this page came out. Sometimes you can’t know exactly how funny a page will be until it is drawn and laid out before you, and I think this one came out better than I expected. Plus I am very pleased with a number of the illustrations. I was/am very tempted to ink and color this like a regular page. But of course, I need to put that energy into the regular pages.

I also am very tempted to make this a canon story. But with just one page a week, it’s going to be YEARS before we reach the point in the story where this could happen.