I scanned all those in at some ungodly resolution, so if I made a book collection I’d have the originals and a print-quality resolution. For Mischief in Maytia I actually bothered to find out what a printing resolution was. I was scanning my drawings at about four times the resolution I needed.

I actually had a lot of interesting ideas of how to do things with a comic, which I was likely to do with Power Cycle. Some of them carried over to Mischief in Maytia, like the humor-texts I have beneath each comic.

I also had an idea to portray accents by using a flag as the background of quote bubbles instead of it being plain white. I had a boss who was English, so I’d have a Union Jack fill his speech bubbles. I thought that if I had a scene where a character went to Britain, he would then have an American Flag fill his bubbles while everyone in Britain had plain white bubbles. But I realized it wouldn’t work out as well as I would hope, for various reasons.