Wow, digging up and looking through these old stories of mine…

It’s a painful process. It emberasses me to just look at them. I should be able to just accept the fact that I was a little kid, and I made what little kids make. But that’s just not happening.

I’m not embarrassed about the artwork. I’m embarrassed to think of how many gags I stole from other comics. I’m embarrassed by how the original gags I wrote need to be explained.

Maybe I need to have kids before these feelings go away.

What I don’t show here was how most of the “books” I wrote were about a character named Like. He was just a stick figure who wore a blue hat. I feel it’s wrong to talk about these old stories of mine and NOT mention him, and they were almost all about him. But for this history I am trying to focus on comics, and I want to show some old artwork. Like was drawn so simply that there was no artwork. You couldn’t even tell him apart from Noo (Who wore a red hat) unless they were colored, which they usually weren’t. (Noo was pronounced “Naw” by the way. I came up with those characters before I was in Kindergarten.)