This is is dedicated to some phones of mine that have really ticked me off.

I remember running into this situation a few times back in the day. I’d forget to plug in my phone, and some time in the middle of the night… “Beep!” … “Beep!” I’d get woken up by the thing beeping at me, but it would beep slowly, so I’d just wind up falling asleep, and then getting woken up again a little later. Just awake enough to know it was running out of battery, but not awake enough to be able to move out of bed and do something. This hasn’t happened in a while since I no longer have a phone that can even last a whole day without charging, but with my first phone where I only had to charge it every three days, that’s a different story.

And then I recall my next phone, it really ticked me off when it was low on battery. It could last for hours if it would just shut up, but it had to make so much noise and shine all these bright lights all the time… Who designed that, anyway? The thing is low on battery, so let’s waste as much battery as we can!

So this ends chapter two. It was originally going to be a bit longer, but I decided to split it up so I could add some new content.

I’ll have a couple filler pages, but it won’t take me too long to get the next chapter started. Unlike last time. So stick around, and I’ll see you soon!