After I drew a lot of these panels, and I just thought… Who is this new girl and what happened to Zak? These look nothing like Zak…

Well, Zak or not, I’m putting them into a new wallpaper. (Available next week.)

EDIT (Dec 19, 2019) – Finally uploaded new version with shading.

Do any of you hang out on Tapastic? Because I just started posting Mischief in Maytia on Tapastic! This site is still the place to go to read the latest page, but I’ll be re-uploading the old pages one a week over there, so if you want to re-live the excitement of waiting a whole week to see the early Maytia pages, now’s the time to do it!

Also, here’s some great news for webcomic fans! Melonpool is back! For those who may not be familiar, Mayberry Melonpool was a webcomic from way way back; it was running even in the 20th century. Eventually Melonpool came to a close, but Steve Troop decided to start it back up again. And this time, it’s a whole new universe, a whole new setting, and a whole new story, all with the same characters! So don’t worry about missing the several years of the original story, because it just started brand new earlier this month. It follows a newspaper format, complete with colored Sundays.

And in other webcomic news, if you were a fan of Out At Home, it may please you to know its creator has started a new comic called Living to Death. If Out at Home is any indication, this should be a very funny comic.