Less than ten minutes to go and I’ve got everything but the shading. That’s not too bad.

I feel a bit like a tool after the rant I gave in the last comic.

See when I first wrote the script for that page, I had referred to Coach Mynn as a feminist, and so by extension I was labeling as feminists as these crazy misandrists. I did a lot of re-writes but I always felt like I was still making that statement, eventually including that long rant in the commentary. But by the time I got to a version where I had a script I was willing to use, Mynn was no longer labeled as a feminist, and her actions were clearly misandrous, which has nothing to do with feminism. All the fears and worries I had about how the comic might be perceived were no longer valid.

And somehow I just never got this until the comic was posted and I was looking at it a few days later.

So all I really did was embarrass myself.