It’s only a slight exaggeration of how I would react. Only slight.

This was originally going to be the last panel of the previous page. My whole script was laid out for this. And then when I was working on that page, I realized that I really needed one more panel to better cement the situation. And shortly after that it became three panels, and then it became its own page.

The lesson is that all plans need room for the unexpected.

By the way, I wanted to make a quick plug for Tadpole Treble. Have you ever read the comic Brawl in the Family? It’s the funniest comic about video games I’ve ever seen. And the guy who makes it is making a video game, Tadpole Treble. The Kickstarter for it just has like a week left and he’s *almost* got enough pledges to make it happen. So, take a look at it.