The cover art was painted by Amitabha Naskar, who graciously painted it to match my art style and linework. He’s much more talented than what I’m showing here, honest!

When I was a kid, I was really disappointed to find out that those party favors didn’t make the kazoo-like noise you ALWAYS hear them make on TV. No, they just unfurled, making a paper-unfurling sound. I was so disappointed. TV lied to me.

Yay, my one year anniversary! What better way to celebrate than to actually start the content I’ve been promising?

And no, I didn’t purposefully delay this chapter so that I could start it on the anniversary, but when I saw that it would be close, I set this day as my deadline for finishing everything up. I honestly tried to get it started sooner, but there were some other projects and things that got in my way.

I also had some special surprises in store, (wallpapers and whatnot,) but I didn’t get them all ready in time for today. I suppose I *could* have if I pushed it, risking loss of quality to the comic and the specials, but I decided not to. Watch for the special anniversary package to arrive in four weeks.