Man, drawing Zak’s male body to match his female body’s height makes him look really weird. Not bad, it adds to the desired effect, but I originally thought it would look more subtle.

So, Zak facetiously asks when his door got so big. Ironically, the door actually DID get bigger since we last saw it. Now I didn’t plan this or anything, it’s not “cannon,” and the change came after I wrote the line, but it’s an ironic mistake on my part.

When I went to create new images of Zak’s house, I pulled up my old reference data that I haven’t used for literally over a year. When I was laying out the scene and measuring Zak’s height, I kept noticing that he didn’t really look *that* much shorter than the door. I did some measuring and realized that I accidentally made the door too short. If you take a look at either the first or eighth page, you may notice that you can count nine side panels to reach the height of the door. Since each of those is eight inches high, that makes the door only six feet tall. Yikes. Zak would have to duck to enter his own house.

So long story short I have corrected my mistake and the door stands eighty four inches tall.