I want to some day show an actual government building in the comic labeled as the Agency for Earth Housing and Earth Stuff, but I honestly just don’t know when I will ever have the chance to.

Darnn you grass, for being so hard to draw!

Well, despite it taking much longer than I would want it to, I did eventually get this page finished. It seems that I find more details that I want to show than I find corners I can cut.

Before I published the comic I thought about not having any shading on my characters, and just a few days before I published it I decided to add some simple shadows. Now I’m drawing more complex shadows that bend around character shapes. In an early page someone commented about how impressed they were with all the shadows I had in the scenery, but yet I had forgotten to draw shadows being cast from the characters. Now I have to draw shadows being cast over steps. I could have left this house built out of simple flat colors, but I have to match the painted look I gave zak’s house, plus now I have a layer of edges to show the shapes…

Can you believe I used to think that in the future I could complete a page in LESS time than I took than when I started?