Some days it feels more like my drawing skills are degrading instead of improving.

Both of their societies have grown, huh? So just where does elvish society stand at this point?

I’ll tell you, I was *this* close to making the mistake of having their culture and technology being basically the same as what you see in a D&D campaign. I mean, that coincides with the idea that this world is an amalgamation of all our favorite fantasy stories, right? But just a little bit before I started drawing any pages I started watching Legend of Korra. (Which, by the way, is worlds better than Avatar.) And when they opened that showing a much more technologically advanced society than what we saw in Avatar it hit me right in the face. Duh, they’re going to be more advanced than a medieval society.

I took the time to develop a more unique society than the loose ideas I had pinned up before. Thankfully I didn’t have to re-write anything for the first chapter. But what is actually surprising was how well so many other details had snapped into place when I realized how more advanced they are. I had subconsciously imagined Sheea filling her teapot from a tap, now it made sense for her to have indoor plumbing. Things we’ll see from Sheea in later chapters work out much better now too. Declese’s first appearance in view of the main characters will showcase much better than before. And then in the fifth chapter, when we find out that the King…

Oops, almost got a little too carried away with that one.