Wow, uploaded only three hours before it’s published. That’s quite the record for how close I’m cutting it. I miss my buffer. And sleep.

So, I tried something new with the comic. Have you noticed it?

I actually did all my sketching with a regular pencil instead of a mechanical pencil, so all those lines that get erased and never seen were made with a more authentic artistic process!

And I don’t like it. I’ve grown too used to mechanical pencils, and constantly sharpening the pencil is rather bothersome. If I were uploading pencil sketches with shading and all that, then it would be worth it. But I need my sketch lines to be fine.

…What, did you think I had something more to talk about with the artwork?

Oh right, the backgrounds. Man, I’ve been working on those for f***ing weeks, but I finally got them to look the way I wanted them to. We’ve only got one more page left where we see the park, but I finally got the park to look right.