You see that house? I drew that free-hand! Well, I used a straight-edge, but the point is that I didn’t measure any angles or otherwise calculate the perspective. That’s more like what I’ve been trying to develop, drawing skills.

However, I’m trying to keep this contained just within Maytia. In Maytia I was to have the backgrounds look painted, while in our world the backgrounds will be with more technical skill. This way the two worlds look different. Unfortunately most of what we’ve seen from our world is the park where the well is, so I really struggled to make that difference clear. Rather than making Maytia look different, I’ve just made everything with Zak look different, since he’s the only one who’s been near any buildings.

However, if everything goes according to schedule, in two weeks that will no longer be the case, and we should see a visual difference between Maytia and our world much more like what I intended.

Although I still have yet to succeed at making Maytia actually look “painted.” That’s hard work. Comics like Gone with the Blastwave and Romantic Apocalyptic really impress me with how they pull off that look.