Originally, this page was posted without color, with a sentence at the top blaming this on the recent release of a new Halo game.

I’m not proud of this.

…But I am proud of the maps I made in Halo 4’s Forge! Not only did I make a totally awesome map for sniper battles, but I also recreated Unreal Tournament’s Facing Worlds to an accurate scale!

I’ll have it up on the file share once 343 gets it working.

Another establishing page! So yes, there IS magic in Maytia!

And Danson is establishing how their bathrooms work, but I decided not show that part.

I tried something new with the backgrounds today. I drew them all on the same page I drew the characters on. Normally I draw them completely digitally afterward, which works for the artistic style I *intended* this comic to have. But for this page I really felt that I needed to establish the layout of the house better.

It’s a little too soon to say exactly how well it works, but at least I think this page came out better because of it.