Hey kids! Did you know that a directional antenna made from a pringles can is a very real device that you can make at home? It’s true! Just do a google search and you can find all the details you need! Ask a parent’s permission before going online and before using tools.

Hey, look at that! Flashback panels from page 06 and page 10, and the prop sword that Danson was holding on page 02! Victoria left her phone behind, the sword was made out of aluminum foil and cardboard, and Karl couldn’t get a signal. I’ll bet you never thought those tiny details were actually important, did you? Well it turns out that I actually have been planning things out in advance.

Special thanks to my buddy Trescott for helping me with the science side of how Debra learns how to detect portals. More details on how this works will come later. (Like in chapter three, or something.)

UPDATE: It occurs to me that some people don’t quite understand what the directional antenna is doing. It does NOT simply receive a signal from a particular direction, that would just be silly. Rather, it broadcasts a signal in a particular and amplified direction.

They do not need wifi signals in Maytia to detect, the cell-phone generates that itself. The cell phone sends out a signal, the foil bounces it back, and the phone displays whether or not it detects its own signal bouncing off of the foil.