This week’s TWC voting incentive is the full uncropped image of Sheea’s father!
…No, maybe I better not.

There have been a lot of depictions of crazy people in a lot of different stories, and honestly, I’m rather upset with them. People just throw together random bits of silliness and use it as an excuse for the character to do anything they want. The latter especially, you’ll see a lot of villains justified that way, and I f***ing hate that lazy excuse for bad writing.

As it turns out, I’ve actually seen crazy people, and they are nothing like what you see in media. I was at work (a pizza restaurant) one day when this lady comes bustling in calling out how upset she was with us. I couldn’t even begin to tell you what she was upset about because she couldn’t even finish two sentences before she had either contradicted herself or seemed to change her mind about what had her so upset. We just stared at her quietly having no idea what to do, which I suspect is how she is used to people reacting because our cow-eyed expressions didn’t seem to affect her in the slightest.

She finally went back outside and then began digging in the dumpster for some evidence to prove what she was talking about. She finally found it of course, and came back in waving an old sandal in her hand talking about how that proves what she was talking about. She tossed the flip-flop into the store and then huffed out. I’m not sure but I think she might have been wearing that sandal when she first came into the store.

So anyway, Sheea’s Father’s behavior today is largely inspired by that crazy woman who came into our store and started bellowing. I had to make up new dialogue though, because it doesn’t quite fit the context of this world for him to talk about how we’re practicing witchcraft and how his brother owns the Renaissance Fair, and the Renaissance Fair is in Texas.

True Story