Dear people who can draw well,

How the hell do you do that?


Graaaar! I spend a crap load of time setting this comic up to be animated, but the crappy flash program I was using drew red lines around everything. Plus I couldn’t get the camera to sway properly, since doing such required me to animate each and every piece to individually match that sway.

I could have put it together in a 3D animation program easily, but I can’t embed a standard video file and have it play and loop automatically. I could have animated it with CSS3, but WordPress doesn’t let me specify a specific stylesheet for a specific page, nor insert something into the header on a particular page, so that’s not really an option. I could have even made it with an animated PNG if any worthwhile browsers supported them.

And now I’ve run out of time to get it working and have to post a bland, everyday, normal page.

This comic was going to be special… *sniff*