And now you know where the comic get’s its title from.

Honestly, I don’t quite like the way the script for this page flowed; it’s not quite natural.  On top of that, nothing really important to the storyline happened here, a fact that is especially aggravating since the comic has only been up for… let’s see when will this be posted?  Almost a month since the comic started?  Yeah, I really should have a stronger, more captivating page to keep new readers interested.

But the simple truth is that I needed this page so that the freaking title of the whole comic makes any sense.  Mischief in Maytia?  What’s a Maytia?  Well now you know, and without guessing or reading the FAQs.  This is Maytia: the world our heroes have stumbled into.

Plus we needed to know Sheea’s name, because she’s important and we can’t just keep calling her “that elf chick.”


(Man I can’t believe it took me more than two weeks to make this page, and there wasn’t even anything special about it.  Good-bye buffer, it was nice knowing you.)