You don’t know how hard it was to not draw the alien wearing an orange jumpsuit with a silver triangle on the chest.  But that’s just not what I’m going for.

It’s about time we got back to Zak!
Man, I’ve been itching for this page to get published almost as much as page 22. If this were a story for television or a movie or even a published comic, I’d probably have this whole story arc with Zak and the aliens finished before we had the kids find the portal, all so we could move the story along faster.  But as an ongoing webcomic, I figured I’d get their story going first, and just jump back to this fellow now and then.  But now I can’t follow him very much until I finish the story with the high-school kids.

If I were really smart, I would have likely started much further down the line when Zak and the others cross paths, and then tell their origins through flashbacks.  Why didn’t I think of this until now?  That would have been so much smarter…