Have you ever seen the College Humor video “If All Movies had Cell Phones?” It shows how most movies would end before they start if people bothered to call.  It’s so true.  If people just had cell phones, most movies would have no conflict, their problems would have been solved much faster.  Whenever I’m watching a movie that takes place in a modern time, I just keep thinking: “If you numb-nuts would just bother CALLING the other guy to let him know what was going on all this could have been avoided!”

Well guess what?  My characters aren’t that stupid.  Before they are going to jump into the problem they are going to just call each other to find out what is going on.
So, with that simple effort, they manage to avoid all sorts of problems and catastrophes, and are able to get things right back to normal and…
Oh wait, what was that?  You mean they did try calling, but it didn’t help?

Oh man, they’re so boned.