So this is being posted on the seventh anniversary of the launch of Mischief in Maytia. In some ways I’m amazed it has been so long, but at the same time surprised it has only been that long…

But of course, the comic hasn’t updated in three and a half years. So what exactly is going on?

The last couple years have been crazy. Last year alone I switched between four different jobs, and only one of those changes was truly by choice. I had one job that fired me and another that went out of business. I also had to move between four different homes since the last time I was able to update the comic regularly. To top it all off, this year I’ve learned first-hand how vile of a mental illness anxiety is.

The end result of all this is that I’ve had other things that have taken priority over making a webcomic. Do I still want to make this comic? Yes. Is it a wise use of my time at the moment? Not really.

I’d like to start talking about the possibility of getting it going again this next year because I may have finally settled in to a good long-term job. But honestly it is still too early for me to tell what kind of spare time I will be able to manage. If things go well, I will resume work. If not, I’m going to have to spend my time pursuing other plans.

I’ll say this: I long to be spending my time in creative pursuits. Once I have something that I can share with the world again, I will mention here, whether it is a comic or not.

Thanks for dropping by! Hope to see you next year!