So we’re starting a new year and I thought I’d take some time to be frank about why there still are no new pages and where things are headed.

First of all, I’m not giving up on the comic. I can’t really say I’m working on it at this time, but I still plan to resume work.

My real-life situation has been keeping me from doing much for a while. In the last two years I’ve had to move twice, and I began working a job where I had to spend five hours a day commuting. Now I have to move again and I’ll be starting a new job in a week from today. I’m going to be busy for the next while, but this should turn out for the better. I should have more time, I should have a set schedule, but I’m also not going to make any promises right now. (I kind of learned after the last news post that such optimism isn’t always fruitful.)

To speak a little more directly about the future of the comic, I will say that I definitely want to resume work on it. However, I will also say that I don’t want to resume work on it until I can devote enough time to have a reasonably consistent schedule. There are too many pages in the upcoming story that I just don’t feel right letting them hang for months at a time. They were written to be read in succession, so I will work on them when they can be posted in succession. Will that be this year? That would be nice, but I don’t want to get people’s hopes up when I haven’t even worked a single day of my new job.

I don’t know where the future is going, but I’m still looking for the chance to let this comic be a part of that future.