Okay, I’ll admit, things have been flaky around here. I’ve posted just one new page this whole year.

This isn’t the place to go into all the details of my personal life, but I will say this: I moved just at the end of last year, and where I am living now has not been a good environment for working on this comic. On top of that, I’ve had other matters that have simply taken priority; things like work and looking for work and work-like stuff that technically isn’t work but should be.

And where do I stand right now? Well right now I am actually about to move again, and that’s taking time away from being able to work on this comic.

However, I anticipate that once I’ve settled in to this new place, I’ll have a much better environment for working on this comic, and possibly a bit more time that I can spend on it to. I haven’t forgotten the comic, and I have been working on the next page. (I’ve got drawings I’ve made, I promise!) Once I’ve settled in at my new home, my plan is to resume regular updates on the comic.

So I’ll see you then! Keep your eyes peeled!