I hope you enjoyed that little April Fools Day special I put up last week!

Since it was just a gag and not continuing the story, I wanted to put up a new normal page on the following week. But unfortunately, my car died and now I need to secure a new loan from the bank and look for a new junker I can drive around town so I can keep my job. With this delay I do not have the time to get that new page done within the next two days like I wanted, so the regular page will just have to wait for the next update in May. Sorry about that, but life happens.

In regards to the actual April Fools Day page, people were asking about the foreign language. No, all the text in the blurb beneath the comic is just gibberish. It was styled a little to look like a foreign language, but it is just gibberish, not some actual foreign language or hidden message or anything like that.