Fantasy Con makes its debut in Salt Lake City on the Fourth-of-July weekend this year. Now, I gotta take a minute here to explain this to you people, because this is really awesome.

First of all, Fantasy Con isn’t going to be just like another convention. It’s like a cross between a comic-con and a Renaissance Fair. Not only will there be big celebrities, cosplay, and a whole bunch of vendors, but it’s also going to have an indoor archery range, a castle, a huge dragon, a rock golem, a waterfall at the entrance, and a whole lot of art.

But wait, there’s more!

Have you ever heard of Westercon? It’s only the longest-running convention on the west coast. And this year, it’s heading to Salt Lake City, and so CONDuit decided to merge with Westercon this year. And as it just so happens, the scheduling unintentionally put all of these conventions on the same weekend, right across the street from each other! And being gentlemanly about it, they all decided that anyone who buys a ticket for one convention gets into the other, for free.

So let me repeat that for you. That’s:
Fantasy Con
ALL at the same place on the same weekend, making this a once-in-a-lifetime event, three conventions for just one ticket!

I’m going to be there, and this is probably the last convention I’m going to have a table at for a long while. But I’m not promoting this just because I’m there, but because this really is an exceptional event. If ever there was a convention worth driving across a few state lines for, this would be it. There will always be a big comic con in Sand Diego, but how often do you get a chance like this?

Oh yeah, and there’s also Nerdtacular going on that weekend too. But its a separate event.

You can find my booth in The Kingdom of Emberfire!