Comic in General

What is Maytia?

Maytia is a fantasy land; an alternate world that resembles what we see in a lot of fantasy fiction.

How do you pronounce “Maytia?”

Depends on the region. The more northern areas pronounce it “May-Tee-Ah” and the southern areas pronounce it “May-She-Uh.” Either pronunciation is correct. I usually use the former just because it’s a little more phonetic and thus easier for people to spell if they are searching for the comic.

Does this comic have a formal ending in mind, or is it just going to be ongoing?

Ongoing.  I have a number of stories that I want to tell, and any that could resolve any long-term conflicts are a long way off. However I intend to bring the comic to a formal ending should it get to the point where it can’t go on.

Characters/Story/World (After Chapter 1)

Why did Zak not die when he was crushed by a flying saucer and left there for almost a week?


Why was there no debris laying in Zak’s yard from the crash?


What sexual attraction does Zak have because of his new body?

Chemically, his sexual attractions are neutral at this time. Psychologically, he still carries a normal heterosexual attraction to women.

In your supplementary material you refer to Zak as “looking like” he is 14. Is there a reason why the age is not explicitly stated?

Although the rental body is identical to a natural body as far as any human science can tell, it is artificially created, and as such it has not *actually* aged many years. And here’s a relevant fact about the body’s age: additional growth to reflect a person growing up has to be set within the body-unit, and if it is not the body will remain at the same physical age.

Comic – Behind the Scenes

Can I make a guest page or guest art for the comic, and will you post it on the main page?

Guest Page: Absolutely! I may not use the guest page until my next break between chapters, but I am willing to accept guest pages at any time.

Guest Art: While I would willingly accept artwork based on my comic, I am disinclined to post artwork on the main page. I just feel that the readers came to the site to read comics, not look at a single picture. Now if there was a lot to this image, to the point where it rivals a regular page but with just a single panel, then I might post it when I need some filler. (Especially if it was funny.)

Once I actually have some fan art, I will make a page for it on the site.

What’s with the alt-texts? Why not put jokes in there instead?

I do love it when comics hide extra jokes in the alt-text (mouse-over text) but at the same time those are often some very funny additions and I’m not too keen on the idea of hiding something like that from many readers.

What I did put in reminds me of some of the DVD extras and deleted scenes you’ll get from comedy movies.  Often they are scenes that better establish the characters of story, but of themselves detract from the real focus of the movie, (the humor,) and so they are taken out of the feature itself.  As a DVD extra they can provide some welcome additions to those who really enjoyed the story and such, while not wasting the time of those who couldn’t care less.

That’s the same idea I have with my alt-texts; extra information about the characters, story, or behind-the-scenes info placed unobtrusively for those who are interested.

Why do you call the mouse-over text “alt text” when alt-text is actually something else?

It’s how I was raised. Back in the day there was no formal mouse-over element, and it was just displayed from the alt text. Later browsers stopped displaying alt text on mouse overs, but I kept calling it the alt text because that’s what I’m used to.

How can you teach yourself to read?

Honestly I can’t recall the details; I was very young. One thing I do recall is that at one point I went back and read some old Garfield comics and discovered that the punchline was much different than I remembered. But once you know a few letters, and you are following some clear visual aids, how hard can it be?