Mischief in Maytia is written by The Immortal Caleb Child.

Our Author, dressed for a rare public appearance

I grew up in a family that loves reading the comics in the newspaper.  True story:  I taught myself to read by reading Garfield.  Everyone would be talking about and laughing at Garfield each day, and I would ask them to read it to me.  But they grew tired of reading it to me so I had to start reading it to myself.  By the time I started school I already knew most of the alphabet.  Throughout elementary and possibly beyond I had the highest reading ability in my class.  Thank you, Jim Davis, for shaping me to a better life.

But writing has also been a big part of my life.  When I was little I wrote my own stories on pieces of paper that I bound with tape, dreaming to one day be an author.  In my adult life I found other ways to direct this creative energy.  I have written a couple fanscripts and short pieces of varying degrees of quality.  I have a few larger undertakings that I still work on from time to time: a television series about superheroes and a fantasy novel.  And through it all, I have retained a single guiding passion: video games.

In my last year of high school a friend introduces me to webcomics, and I’ve been in love ever since.  They took everything I loved about the comics in newspaper and made them better.  They took everything worthwhile about comic books and made something incredible.  From Sluggy Freelance to Bob and George to Dr. McNinja, these things freaking rock.

It naturally follows that I would want to create my own webcomic.   I’ve actually pursued a number of creative endeavors across the years, and lately most of my spare time has been involved with making a video game.  But my interest in webcomics still is around, so even if updates are no longer regular, I still have some stories I want to tell.


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