I created a facebook page for Mischief in Maytia, so if anyone of you are big facebook people, you can find the link to it just to your left.

While I was at it I added a link to my Deviant Art page, so there’s that too if you’re interested.

And since I’m talking about links, I thought I might as well point something out. If you’ve been by my links page you may be aware that I’ve been adding a new comic to that page every one or two weeks, until I finally reach the day where all the comics I read are up there. While Goggle Analytics tells me that nobody is checking that each week to see what new comic I’ve added, it occurs to me that if someone wanted to they might have a hard time even being sure if I’ve updated it that week. So in the opening blurb I’ve added a short sentence where I list the last two comics I’ve added.