So you might have noticed that during this last week I started adding a few things to the site in a “link exchange” section.  I have a link exchange box with Ink Outbreak and a “vote” button for Top Web Comics.  There were a couple other sites/services I wanted to post there, but they required my comic be more developed than it currently is.  Even so, if any of you folks out there know of any other sites/services to help spread this comic’s popularity, drop me a line so I can take a look at them.

The “Discover new comics” box you see is simply a link-exchange system with Ink Outbreak.  It’s not a paid service or anything, it’s just a mutual system to help comics spread each other.

I would encourage you folks to click the “vote” button for Top Web Comics.  I don’t have any incentives created for doing so, and honestly I don’t know if I ever will.  I don’t really like the idea of pandering and bribing to get votes.  I know that’s how the game is played on their site, so maybe eventually I’ll come around, but likely that won’t happen until I can have at least enough readers to stand a chance of making their list.

But at the moment, most of the folks reading the comic are likely folks I know in real life, or at least folks I’ve become friends with online.  So I have no reserved feeling about directly asking you to vote.  Their system is one where you can vote for as many comics you want with a limit of one vote per comic per day, (per computer,) so voting for a particular comic isn’t like saying “it’s the single best comic” but rather saying “it’s a good comic that I read.”  Basically, it is just used for the site to publish a list of comics ordered by how popular it is.  Having even a few people vote will at the very least will separate my comic from the ones that have died and don’t update anymore, so I would greatly appreciate the support brought in by such a simple action.

And finally I added a “Comic Rank” button which promises to track how many readers I have.  You don’t have to click it for it to work.

Also, if any one is curious to know, we clocked in 66 unique visitors to this site in its first week.