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Victoria Kingly
Age: 16 Height: 5’6.5″ Number of appearances: 20
Voice Font: Architect’s Daughter Best choice for voice actor: Tiffany Grant
Victoria has a very dry taste in everything. She presents an attitude of not caring about anything because she usually doesn’t find it worth caring about anything that isn’t important. She’s often reserved in her words and gets right to the point of anything she wants to say. She does care about her friends but those who don’t know her tend to see her as a recluse or a shadow.
Cherise Wood
Age: 15 Height: 5’4″ Number of appearances: 18
Voice Font: Kate the Great Favorite Play: Something’s Afoot
“It’s sunshine; it’s supposed to be bright, it’s supposed to be warm, and it’s supposed to make little green sprouts pop out of sordid people!”
Cherise is a very energetic and happy young woman. She enjoys the simple pleasures in life and takes joy in any moment she can. She loves theater and acting because she loves to pretend to be different people.
Danson Raya
Age: 15 Height: 5’7″ Number of appearances: 17
Voice Font: Glenns Hand Favorite Color: Orange
A joker and a tease, and occasionally snarky. Danson loves to fool around and get attention.
Zak Elleson
Age: 32 / Looks 14 Height: 6’3.5″ / 5’3″ Number of appearances: 15
Voice Font: Gel Pen / Never Say Never Best choice for voice actor: H. Jon Benjamin
“Do I look like someone who cares?”
Zak spent most of his adult life in an emotional isolation that fueled his alcohol addition. Shortly after reaching two years of sobriety, fate decided to force him to reconnect with the outside world by crashing a flying saucer on him, destroying both his body and his home. Now he is forced to connect to the outside world using a (rental) body of a teenage girl, while living with a group of teenage girls he never met before.
Karl Midway
Age: 15 Height: 5’9″ Number of appearances: 13
Voice Font: VTC Sunday Comix Tall Favorite Director: Alfred Hitchcock
“There’s nothing wrong with having a little fun once in a while. Once in a while.”
A strongly methodical man, Karl is very analytical and cool-headed. He usually speaks in a monotone and says what he thinks needs to be said, even if others already get it.
Debra Larson
Age: 16 Height: 4’8″ Number of appearances: 11
Voice Font: Elephant Hiccups Best choice for voice actor: A female Harvey Fierstien
“Oh nothing’s wrong with it, I just want to make it better.”
An inventive young mind, Debra likes to tinker, modify, and build all sorts of contraptions and mechanical devices. While she certainly does have an advanced mind for building and inventing things, her creations have a tendency to fail with explosive results.
Sheea Watermouth
Age: 53 Height: 5’4.5″ Number of appearances: 11
Voice Font: Dreamer One Profession: Beekeeper
“Family is always the most important thing; you stand by those people who stood by you.”
Sheea is a light-hearted and cheerful woman. She is friendly and generally out-going. As a child she wanted to travel the world and meet new people, but she set that dream aside to take care of her father. Being the caretaker of her father forced her to grow up quickly; she is still not legally an adult.
Dr. Ou^A
Age: Currently Unknown Height: 3’11.5″ Number of appearances: 7 (1 print only)
Voice Font: Audiowide Proper pronunciation: (French Oui) ` (Click) + “Ah”
“Sure there are better paying positions closer to home, but I’m not in this for the money. You don’t spend 80,000 quatloos on an education for a job if your interest is the money.”
Dr. Ou^A is a non-human doctor for humans and non-humans alike who was assigned to work in the Solar System. Although never expressly mentioned in the comic, he only recently started his practice, replacing the last doctor who was assigned here.
Author / Caleb Child
Age: 31 Height: 6’2.5″ Number of appearances: 5
Voice Font: Fawn Script Best choice for voice actor: Kevin Conroy
The real-life author of the comic who narrates the comic and occasionally shows up to explain a few things.
Rantaa Watermouth
Age: 182 Height: 5’5″ Number of appearances: 4
Voice Font: DadHand Level of insanity on scale of 1 to 10: Ice Cream
“My uncle works for the fair, and the fair is in Roccettel.”
Rantaa is Sheea’s father. In his prime he was a good and strong man of no small fame among those who knew him, but he lost his mind about thirty years ago and now has the cognitive functionality of an Alzheimer’s patient. His daughter takes care of him at their house in Amthae.
Age: 127 Height: 5’6″ Number of appearances: 3
Voice Font: Carmenta Best choice for voice actor: Andy McAvin
“’Correct me if I’m wrong’ is just a figure of speech; I’m never wrong.”
If Maytia had internet memes, and there was a picture floating around of an “elitist douchebag,” he would probably be dressed exactly like Dakka. Dakka has a heritage to a defunct higher class of citizenship, and he often carries a pompous attitude thinking that he is better than those around him. He will flat out deny this, especially that his heritage would have anything to do with his attitude.

Rhino and Oxpecker
Age: Unknown Height: 1.9 meters / 20 centimeters Number of appearances: 5
Voice Font: Glenns Hand Species: White Rhinoceros / Red-billed Oxpecker
“I’m not saying that it’s wrong, I’m just saying its an unproven theory!”
The Rhino and Oxpecker show up to provide filler content when a regular page can’t be made. They often have relatively intelligent conversations on a wide range of subject matters.
Age: Currently Unknown Height: 3’11” Number of appearances: 2 (1 print only)
Voice Font: Roddenberry Best choice for voice actor: A young William Shatner
“I guess you’d have to be there.”
Outwardly, Laraar seems like the kind of man who doesn’t try to hard, but personally he just feels like there is more to get out of life than just work. He likes to travel and doesn’t like to hold himself down to anyplace for too long.
Declese Winterblaze
Age: Currently Unknown Height: 5’6″ Number of appearances: 1
Voice Font: Bolton Light Best choice for voice actor: Wayne Pygram
“The only difference between people and cattle is how many feet they walk on.”
Bad guy.
Michael Jacobs
Age: 16 Height: 5’10.5″ Number of appearances: 1
Voice Font: Josschrift Serif Favorite candy bar: Twix
“Remember who you are.”
Michael gets good grades in all his classes because he works at it. He likes to develop himself and challenge himself. He is not afraid of work nor of doing something difficult.
Lorraine Wood
Age: 18 Height: 5’9″ Number of appearances: 1 (print only)
Voice Font: KG God Gave Me You Best choice for voice actor: Larissa Wolcott
“Next year is going to be so great!”
Lorraine is Cherise’s older sister. She gives Cherise and her friends rides to school and other places. Like Cherise, she is living at a friend’s house so she can finish High School in Northbrook, but it is not the same house as Cherise.
Age: 15 Height: 5’8.5″ Number of appearances: 1 (print only)
Voice Font: Bee Marker Ink Preferred RPG class: Rogue
“I was told there would be cookies.”
Simon is a long-time classmate of Karl and Danson; some would consider them friends but they never really hang out outside of school.